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AR Dept of Education Phone Number

AR Dept of Education is the administrative department of the Arkansas state government responsible for primary and secondary public education in the state. AR Dept of Education address is Four State Capitol Mall, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1071, phone number is (501) 682-4475 but you can also use the following phone numbers directory for additional department and offices direct numbers:

AR Dept of Education main phone number: (501) 682-4475
State Higher Education Agency, Arkansas Department of Higher Education: (501) 371-2000
Special Education Agency, Special Education Services: (501) 682-4221
State Adult Education Agency, Arkansas Division of Workforce Services: (501) 682-5463

AR Dept of Education phone number where you speak to a real person regarding Arkansas state education matters including teacher certification is (501) 682-4475.

AR Dept of Education Mailing Address

AR Dept of Education address where you can send letters, documents, and forms is:

Arkansas Department of Education (AR Dept of Education)
Street: Four State Capitol Mall
City: Little Rock
State: Arkansas
ZIP: 72201-1071

AR Dept of Education Fax Number

AR Dept of Education fax number where you send fax messages, documents, and Arkansas teacher certification forms is (501) 682-1079.

AR Dept of Education Website

What does AR Dept of Education do?

Learn what does AR Dept of Education do, its responsibilities, activities and more by watching this video.

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